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The Centre for Labor and Social Studies (CLASS) Nepal is a non-profit & non-governmental organization working for social transformation through promoting social justice, community awareness on human rights and the peaceful resolution of conflict. It was founded to realize the vision of youths who believe in Dialogue, Collectivism, Positivism and Social Democracy and Dynamism. CLASS Nepal is also a platform of employers, trade unionists, educators, professionals and researchers involved in research, training, education, publication and consultancy on labour related issues. CLASS Nepal was established by trade union leaders, educators, professionals, thinkers, employers and researchers in early 2007 in response to democratic trade movement for the establishment of high-level workers advocacy group involved in labour related issues.

CLASS Nepal’s Vision

CLASS Nepal envisions a peaceful, progressive, democratic nation which values the contribution of all sectors of society, and which does not discriminate based on caste, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation; and where all workers share in the prosperity of the nation.

CLASS Nepal’s Goal

CLASS Nepal aims to strengthen the labor and social justice movement in Nepal so as to establish a just community, transform social conflict into a positive force for the betterment of society, and to encourage peaceful co-existence as opposed to using violence as a means to resolve conflict.